Aki is a young boy and member of the Boar Clan. He is also the leader's son.

In Outcast Aki confronts Torak and challenges him to a fight. Aki then discovers Torak's Soul Eater tattoo and tells Fin-Kedinn. Torak is then cast out. First thing in the morning, Aki sets out to find and kill Torak. He is nearly drowned by Torak, who is suffering from Soul sickness. However, he is discovered and survives with only a broken arm. Torak then saves him from the flood.

In Ghost Hunter Aki makes a short appearance. He is one of the first victims of the Shadow Sickness, sent by Eostra of the Eagle Owl Clan. It is implied that Aki might have died later on, seeing that most of the victims do, but it is never confirmed Aki's fate.

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