Bale of the seal clan headshot

Bale Of The Seal Clan

was a Seal Clan member and Torak's best friend and kinsman, until he was killed by Thiazzi in Oath Breaker. He comes into the story when Torak is on the beach. Him, Detlan and Asrif were in their skinboats, special boats made of animal hide, and saw Torak. They captured him after he cut Bale's skinboat and accused him of mixing the Forest with the Sea. Mixing the Forest with the Sea, according to Bale at that time, was a great sin that angered the Sea Mother. However, after Torak and Bale befriended, Bale was no longer afraid to mix the Forest and Sea.


Bale is described as having longish fair hair, with shells braided into it. He is muscled from skinboating all his life, and is scornful of Torak until they grow closer after experiencing hardships with each other.

Bale taught Torak how to rock climb and is a good rock climber himself. He also taught Torak how to skinboat.



Bale is Torak's kinsman. When Bale captured Torak, they didn't like each other, but Bale soon became friends with Torak once he realised that he was kin. Bale taught Torak how to skinboat and how to rock climb. In Outcast, Bale helps Renn to find Torak and defeat the viper mage, by shooting an arrow into her breast.


In Outcast they work together to try and find Torak after he is made an outcast. To start with Bale tells her to remain at the Raven Camp; in his clan the men do the hunting and the women stay at the camp. Renn stubbornly disobeys him and they set out separately (Bale in his boat and Renn on foot) however Bale eventually admits that he needs Renn's help; he knows little of the forest or it's people. They then work together to try and help Torak and eventually find and save him.

In Oath Breaker, Bale reveals to Torak that he wants Renn to join his clan to be his mate. Torak was angered by this (hinting that he might have feelings towards Renn as well) and storms away, only to come back and find him killed by Thiazzi.

Tenris (the Seal Mage)Edit

Bale doesn't have a close relationship with Tenris, but trusts him and tells Torak that he would help him. He helps Tenris by putting Renn in a cave, heedless to the fact that she was healthy. He believes that Tenris created the "cure" for the sickness, and failed to help his younger brother, who was the first to die from it. He later finds out from Renn that Tenris was responsible for his brother's death, and it is revealed that the Seal Mage killed Bale's brother to test out the sickness he made.