Torak's Fa

Torak's Father
(called Fa by Torak) was the Wolf Clan Mage and a member of the Soul Eaters, who left them when they turned evil. He died at the start of the first book, killed by the Demon Bear which was created by his brother, Tenris, another Soul Eater.

Before he died he gave Torak a blue flint knife his mother had given to him when he entered manhood. He also owned an amulet. In the beginning, he thought of the Soul Eaters as the Healers and thought they were working for the greater good. When they became the Soul Eaters, he did a rite to get rid of the Soul Eater Tatoo, leaving a jagged scar across his breastbone. This made it hard for Torak to create the death mark on his chest.

Fa had kept a lot of secrets from Torak. It said of him in the books, "The one you speak of was the greatest Mage we ever had. He alone - for a few heartbeats - managed to become wolf." He at one point saved Nef's life when she was going to kill herself because her only son had died from sickness. Fa had always known that one day the crippled wanderer would find and kill him.