The Far North is a large, mainly frozen area north of the Forest. It isn't visited a lot by people from the Forest.  


The Far North borders the Sea in the west, but most of the coastal waters are frozen. In the open water lie icebergs. 

In the south, where it borders to the Forest, lie the Snow Plains. A bit further to the north lie the Snow Hills. The northernmost known landmark is the Eye of the Viper Mountain, where the Ice River starts. This river flows to the south, where it forms high cliffs of black ice which border the frozen Sea.


The Far North is inhabited by the Ice Clans. These are:

Even though the Far North may seem inhospitable to outsiders, the Ice Clans know how to survive there easily. They live in huts made of ice and use fat to make fires instead of wood. 

The Ice Clans worship the Wind. They build man-like statues of rocks on the Snow Plains and sacrifice some of their food to the Wind every once in a while. 

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