The Ice River is a frozen river, or a glacier, that begins at the east bank of Lake Axehead.

Before the seriesEdit

In events preceeding those in the books, Renn's father went on a journey in search of his lost mate and died without success in finding her. His body was found by the Raven Clan at the Ice River.

In OutcastEdit

In the third book, Renn discovered that the ice wall holding the water in the Ice River was going to break and cause a flood which would wipe out the Otter Clan Camp. The Otter Clan was warned by Fin-Kedinn and some other members of the Raven Clan and their camp was evacuated before the flood happened. This flood also helped Torak to be accepted back into the Clans again after being cast out, as he saved the Boar Clan Leader's son, Aki, from being drowned in the flood, sacrificing himself and therefore was swept away.