An adult Lymx

Lynx are a sppecies of cat that lives in forests. They are hunters and are one of the top predators of the forest. Lynx are seen several times throughout the series.


Lynx are a species of cat that live in forests. Lynx are the third largest forest hunter, Forest wolves and Forest bears are larger than them. An adult male lynx will weigh in the area of 40-80 pounds, females are smaller weighing from 18-46 pounds. They have very short tails, simmilar to Forest Bears.

Lynx are hunters. The majority of te lynxes diet is rabbit and roe deer, though they will eat mice, squirells, birds, fish as well, and have even been known o bring down a full grown Red Deer female, though they rarely do so. Lynx are incredibly fast but they lack stamina, so they have become masters of stealth. There dark brown and spotted coats blends them in perfectly with the forest, allowing them to creep within striking distance of there prey and then pounce on it. A lynx has four hooked claws on each foot which help to grip struggling prey, and the lynxes jaws can easily strangle the life out of a rabbit or roe deer. Lynx have very sharp eyesight, especially at night when they typically hunt. There large ears give them great hearing, able to hear a mouse rustling in the undergrowth.

Lynx are amazingly agile, they can leap 10 feet into the air and snatch birds from flight, they can quickly climb trees to reach prey or escape danger, keep there balance on the thinnest of branches and they can even leap across large ravines and canyons.

Lynx are solitary, only coming toghether once a year to breed. Female lynxes raise their kittens alone. She gives birth in a den, usually at the bottom of a tree or perhaps a cave. She keeps the kittens hidden in the den untill they are old enough to walk, theny they follow there mother through her territory and observe her as she hunts. Small lynx kittens have many predators, and at the first sign of danger they will shoot up a tree to safety.

An adult Lynx has few predators, packs of Forest wolves will kill a lynx if they can catch it and a Forest Bear may chase a lynx off it's kill, but an adult lynx is a ferocious fighter and can defend itself very well from attack.

Lynx pose little threat to humans, they only attack if cornered or afraid, and the Forest clans respect and admire both the lynxes beauty and it's stealth.

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