The Raven Clan is an Open Forest Clan. They are one of the main Clans in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, often featuring in the books and with many of their members often deeply involved in the storyline.


Members of the Raven Clan have tattoos which look like three straight blueish-black lines on either cheek.


  • Fin-Kedinn - Leader
  • Saeunn - Mage (Deceased)
  • Renn - Hunter, temporarily mage
  • Torak - Fostered
  • Sialot
  • Poi
  • Oslak (Deceased)
  • Vedna (Originally from the Willow Clan, but when her mate, Oslak, died, she went back to her clan.)
  • Thull
  • Luta
  • Dari
  • Dark - Mage (Originally from Swan Clan)
  • Hord (deceased)
  • Etan
  • Dyrati (originally of the Raven clan, but mated to a man from the Otter Clan.)
  • Seshru (Viper-original Clan, but mated to a Raven Clan man (Fin-Kedinn's brother) and then changed her name to become a member of the Soul Eaters.)
  • Bera

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