Rip and Rek are two Raven siblings, whom Renn summoned to help Torak when he was suffering from soul sickness. The two birds were found hungry, and very soon they formed a bond with Torak. Eventually, Torak began to remember the ways of hunting and tracking and started to come back to his normal self. Rek is the smaller of the two, and she is known to simply mimic everything her bigger brother Rip does. They are also known for their mischievous behavior, such as their tendency to steal food. They also enjoy perching on Torak's shoulders and pulling Renn's hair. Torak tries not to smother the ravens with attention in front of Wolf, as he quickly becomes jealous of them having all the attention. Throughout Oath Breaker, they were a great help to Torak and his friends in the Deep Forest. At one point, Renn had whistled the redstart call to Torak, and added a subtle high note at the end, their warning call. However, the observant Auroch Clan members caught on and pinpointed Renn, and slowly made their advance toward her. Before they could reach her, however, Torak also did the redstart call, and quickly the Auroches followed the melody. Another call came over the reeds. Renn had begun to ponder how Torak had moved position as so swiftly, but it was made clear when Rip and Rek flew over, perching on branches, repeating the redstart call. Eventually, the Aurochs gave in to the Raven's little game and moved on, melting back into the trees.

Renn also feels lucky and happier when the ravens are close while there is a scary or odd event in the making, as they are her clan-creature. She seems to act more confidently when they are around and seems confident that the two will keep her safe. He is not the best, but he has learned a few words. This helped him in Oath Breaker, as the two warned him of the demon.

In Ghost Hunter, Rip led Torak to a shelter made by Renn during the ice storm. Noticing she was missing, he attempted to find her and succeeded, finding her trapped beneath a holly tree, and dragged her to safety. He then cared for her until she recovered. Rip later lost a feather during a fight, which grew back white. The Raven Clan viewed this as sacred and Rip was spoiled for it.