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The Sea Clans are Clans that live on the separate islands in the Sea, about a day's skinboating to the west of the Forest. They usually don't like to mix the Sea with the Forest, though they became more relaxed about it when Bale and Torak became friends, and remained that way even after Bale has died.

To the Sea Clans, their skinboats are like the bows are to the Open Forest Clans, they aren't just objects but hunting partners, but only to the men as the women in the Sea Clans don't hunt. They stay on land in camp to wait for the men to return.

Except when travelling on trading trips to the Forest or to attend clan meetings, the Sea Clans stay put in one camp all year round. This is unlike the Open Forest Clans who lead a relatively nomadic lifestyle, moving camp every few moons.

The Sea Clans are:Edit

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