Seshru, by bitayamoka

Seshru was an assumed member of the Viper Clan, although formerly of the Raven Clan, and was one of the Soul Eaters. She was also Renn's mother.

While her appearence is almost always likened to her daughter, she chews a special herb that turns her entire mouth black, and also has a slit in her tongue, making it forked like her new animal namesake.

While she initially was part of the Raven Clan due to her mate (Fin-Kedinn's brother) being a part of the Raven Clan, she is actually not originally from the Viper Clan. It is stated that when she ran from the Raven Clan, she changed her Name-Soul, implying that she chose to become an assumed member of the Viper Clan, rather than an actual member.

She doesn't seem to have much of a maternal instinct. She states that she was initially going to use her son, Hord, as a Tokoroth, but he had grown too old when she returned. She then used her mate to get pregnant once more, then went into hiding, intending to use Renn as a Tokoroth when she had grown a little. She intended to imprison an Elemental inside Renn, to create a tokoroth that would be more powerful than any other.

Saeunn rescued Renn from Seshru, although it is stated that the Raven Clan Mage isn't as strong as Renn's mother.

Seshru does seem impressed that Renn is so taken with Magecraft, but tells her often that she is not as strong as her (a recurring theme of Mages attitudes to Renn throughout the books), despite the fact that Renn actually cured Torak's Soul Sickness by summoning Rip and Rek.