A Tokoroth is a dark creature that is used by the Soul Eaters to carry out tasks.


Tokoroth by Deviantart


They have the stature of a child, but generally have long, dirty yellow claws, a thin frame, matted hair and are infested with lice. Their hair can is also frequently filled with seaweed.They move very fast, and are very quiet when they wish to be. Tokoroth are incredibly athletic, able to leap long distances.

Warning: spoiler alert!Edit


Firstly, a child is stolen from its parents. The child is kept in the dark, with only enough food and water to barely keep it alive. Once the child has forgotten its own parents' faces and has become a empty husk, the mage summons a demon and traps it inside the child. The demon's souls overpower the child's and controls the child's body. According to Saeunn, the Raven Clan mage, they become evil and corrupted, however, Renn once freed the souls of the possessed child after the demons had fled the broken body and Wolf "chased" the demons away from the body of the Tokoroth, allowing the child to regain some of its own self. Tokoroths hide in dark places.

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