The Wolf Clan is a Clan. The Wolf Clan is a nomadic Open Forest Clan, and moves camp every few days. All members of the clan have shaved temples stained with earthblood (ochre), which they started when they realised their mage, Torak's father, was a Soul Eater. They rarely appear. The mage, Torak's father, appears right at the beginning of Wolf Brother, and dies, and Maheegun appears with the rest of the clan from time to time in Outcast .

The Wolf Clan tattoo


Members of the Wolf Clan have a tattoo which looks like two dotted lines on either cheek.Wolf Clan members also have yellow eyes, like those of a wolf. These are achieved with something the Wolf Clan Mage puts in their drinking water.


  • Maheegun - Leader
  • Torak's Father - Mage (Deceased)
  • Naghushi - Toraks Fathers deceased cousin
  • E L'Etiun - Former Member

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