The Wolf Clan is a Clan. The Wolf Clan is a nomadic Open Forest Clan, and moves camp every few days. All members of the clan have shaved temples stained with earthblood (ochre), which they started when they realised their mage, Torak's father, who dies in the first chapter of Wolf Brother, was a Soul Eater. However, they still hold a fragment of pride - upon realising who Torak is, Maheegan calls Torak's father their best mage and shows reverence for how he managed to spirit walk in a wolf for a heartbeat - becoming wolf. They only appear in Outcast , when they are called to vouch for Torak as the clans decide to cast Torak out, owing to his Soul-Eater tattoo. However, the leader, Maheegun, reveals they cannot vouch for Torak as the scar cutting across his clan tattoo, given to him deliberately by his father, shows he is not truly wolf clan. Torak gets some satisfaction from their admiration as he summons and greets Wolf with wolf talk before he leaves. They bow to Wolf as he passes. Fin-Kedinn has connections due to the fact he was fostered with their clan for 9 moons as a youngster, befriending Torak's father and his brother, Tenris. Also, as he tells Torak, he mated with a woman from Wolf Clan for a time, but it ended as she realised Fin-Kedinn still thought of Torak's mother. We guess this may be the woman who smiles and crosses her hands over her heart at Fin-Kedinn as the clan arrive.

The Wolf Clan tattoo


Members of the Wolf Clan have a tattoo which looks like two dotted lines on either cheek. Wolf Clan members also have yellow eyes, like those of a wolf. These are achieved with something the Wolf Clan Mage puts in their drinking water. It is also highlighted that the manner of their movement is wolf-like. In Outcast, as they approach the clan meet where Torak is cast out, they are not noticed until they are virtually upon them. They are said to melt from the darkness.


  • Maheegun - Leader
  • Torak's Father - Mage (Deceased)
  • Fin-Kedinn's ex-mate
  • Naghushi - Toraks Fathers deceased cousin
  • E L'Etiun - Former Member